EQ Kick Drum

Hi Pass Filter – A high-pass filter helps clean up the low-end of the kick drum. Subtle filtering, below 50 Hz will tighten the kick drum and clean up unnecessary low-end.

Low End Boost – Emphasize the low-end of the kick drum with a low shelf boost of 2db at 80 – 100.

Low Mid Cut – Minimize a boomy kick drum cutting 2K at 200 – 250 Hz.

Hi Mid Cut – Reduce a boxy kick drum cutting 1.5db at 350 – 450Hz.

Hi Boost – Emphasize kick drum snap by boosting 2K at 2 – 3 Khz.

Boost at t 2.5 Khz or 4 Khz depending upon music genre.

Low Pass Filter – Filtering out the high-end not needed in the kick drum with a low-pass filter at 10 kHz.