TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack

TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack is an upgraded version of the TC Helicon VoiceLive2 in a useful 2space rack mount.

Live shows

VoiceLive Rack is great for live vocals. It can turn a small and dry two vocal band into a big and wet multi-vocal band. Or it can be a lead vocalists swiss army knife. In live shows, it can make a good vocalist sound great. A lead vocalist and backup vocalist using independent units can pull off some impressive live vocals.

The Recording Studio

But for recording I found it to required some challenging setup. Once I got it to work with Sonar X1, I was able to record separate harmony vocals as a stereo pair or a mono signal. The unit has a option to mute the original vocal so you receive the harmony only. I was unimpressed with the dry quality of the generated vocal. I sounded electronically generated, not human.

For recording, you really need separate outs for each vocal track. For example, if you are generating a 3 part vocal harmony, the unit needs to output each vocal independently. I need to test the unit more to determine if it’s functionality is practicable in a recording environment. The unit is has options that add human like characteristics to the generated vocal harmonies.


This is a great unit for live shows. The microphone that comes with it sounds surprisingly good for a $180 mic. However, it doesn’t seem practicable for recording applications.

Here is a link to configuring the unit with Sonar X1+: