Create an Event Espresso Event

This post demonstrate how to create an event in the WordPress software plugin Event Espresso 4. Both ticketed and un-ticketed events will be explored.

Login to WordPress, navigate to Event Espresso

Upon logging into WordPress, navigate to Event Espresso

You see the list of events. You can filter the list to show only events that are ‘Upcoming, Expired, etc.’.

To edit an existing event, click that event in the list. To create a new event, press the “Add New Event” button

Add New Event

Upon pressing the Add New Event button, the Add New Event screen will appear:

You now enter the Event details to begin creating the event. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Add Event Title
  2. Enter the event text content describing a brief summary of the event, as well as additional detailed text information if it is available. You can also add supplementary images here. Do not add your main image here. That will go in the Featured image
  3. Add the Featured image: This is the main image that will display for the event throughout the website and as the main ‘Hero image’ on the event detail page.
  4. Tickets: Set the “Display Ticket Selector” to Yes if you are selling ticket, No if there are no tickets for this specific event.
  5. Add event Datetimes
  6. If available, add event Ticket sale times, prices, quantities, discounts/surcharges, etc, .
  7. Select Venue
  8. Publish

Here is a screenshot with a visual map of the above steps:

For a simple event that does not have tickets, this is the process. You can edit other optional details such as capacity limits, etc..

Event Tickets

If tickets are to be made available for the event, configure the ticket details:

  1. Name of ticket
  2. Sale starts date
  3. Sale ends date
  4. Price
  5. Quantity

Individual Ticket Details

There are more optional details that can be configured per ticket:

Upon Publishing this event, it will automatically become visible throughout the website. You may need to clear the server cache and/or any caching software to see the content updates.

Editing Existing Events

To edit an existing event, press the event’s Title or Edit link:

This will open the Edit Event screen, for which the steps and options are identical to those described for adding a new event.

To learn more about this topic, you can visit the Event Espresso website:

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