Remove Browser Meta Title Tooltips

Meta Title tooltips are default browser behaviors. Current research shows that the only way to hide the tooltip, is to hide the Meta Title, which would devastate a website’s SEO. In the rare event that a client wants the tooltips hidden, hiding the meta title upon rollover with JS would be one way to satisfy the client. Whether this negatively impacts SEO is still a question.


// Get the current title
var title = $(this).attr(“title”);

// Store it in a temporary attribute
$(this).attr(“tmp_title”, title);

// Set the title to nothing so we don’t see the tooltips


$(“.element”).click(function(){// Fired when we leave the element

// Retrieve the title from the temporary attribute
var title = $(this).attr(“tmp_title”);

// Return the title to what it was
$(this).attr(“title”, title);


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